When it's time, an oil change is something you shouldn't put off doing. That's why our Nissan Certified Service Center is conveniently open for you. Our technicians are factory trained and work on Nissan vehicles every day. Their training and experience ensures that the job will be done professionally - with Genuine Nissan Parts - in a timely fashion

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Protect Your Investment

Keeping your oil change is critical to the health of your vehicle's engine. It's also one of the least expensive steps in maintaining your car. Oil lubricates the engine's multitude of moving parts, preventing excess heat and unnecessary wear. As oil gets older, you may even notice a decrease in performance and efficiency. In the worst cases, parts may break. Keeping your oil fresh oil in your engine keeps your car running well and saves you money.

What about those "Oil Places"

Sure, you could go to one of those discount oil change places but here's three things to consider:
  1. We know your car - We work on Nissans all day long. We have your filters in stock and know exactly the right oil for your vehicle. We may also have your vehicle history on hand and can make sure everything is running to specifications.
  2. We can do more while you're here - from a free multi-point inspection, an alignment check or maybe a proper inside-and-out car detailing at our Detailing center, we can take care of all your Nissan needs in one visit.
  3. They don't care about your next car - When you are part of the Nissan Family, we want you to enjoy your Nissan for as long as you can, and we work to keep it in top shape. Then, when the time is right, we know you'll want your next car to be a Nissan too.
picture of our service manager
picture of our service manager

Check Your Level

Nissan suggests that you check your oil level roughly every other time you stop for gas. Based on your driving style, road and weather conditions or towing, your engine could require an oil change more often than the recommended intervals. You should top off your oil (i.e. add a little more) when it's low  -- it's always a good idea to check vehicle fluids often  -- and your Nissan will appreciate you checking things out under the hood. When it's time for that oil change, Anchor Nissan's Service Center will have the right oil and filter on hand to get you and your Nissan back on the road.
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Oil Change and Fluids Service at Anchor Nissan.

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How Often Should I Bring My Vehicle in for an Oil Change?

This can vary. Each vehicle is different and requires unique attention. Generally, oil changes should occur every few months or every few thousand miles. Our technicians can help determine if and when your vehicle needs an oil change.

What Kind of Oil Does my Nissan Need?

Again, this varies. There are dozens of varieties of motor oils and every engine needs the proper type to function properly. Whether you need 5W-20 or 10W-30, synthetic or high-mileage, we can help determine what kind of oil is best for your engine.

Can I Change My Vehicle's Oil Myself?

Technically, yes - but we recommend using a certified mechanic. Mechanics have specialized training and knowledge for specific vehicle makes and models. Our technicians know the specs and required steps for servicing all newer and older models.


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