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Anchor Nissan is prepared to be your Electric Car Repair shop.  Our team is trained and certified to repair your EV and keep it running efficiently.  Electric Vehicles like combustion engine vehicles will still need regular maintenance.  Although there are no more oil changes, Electric Vehicles have their own unique maintenance and service needs.  Electric Car Maintenance will include more regular battery inspections to make certain you get the most life from your EV battery or batteries.  Electrical systems and advanced safety technology will require more regular software updates and that's not all!  

More Common EV Maintenance

Remember that your new Electric Vehicle Maintenance will still include many of the regular car and SUV care.  Brakes and Tires are two key EV maintenance items to keep on your checklist.  Brakes and fluid checks will still be needed at regular intervals.  Most Electric cars still have coolant systems both to keep the motor or battery from overheating and for cabin comfort.  Your Nissan tires will still need to be rotated every 5,000 miles to minimize tread wear. Your Electric Vehicle tires should also be inspected before those slippery New England winter months.  Keep in mind Anchor has a 120% price match on tire replacements for all models!

Environmental Responsibility & Electric Cars

Many people desire to protect the planet against pollution caused by gas combustion engines but new EV technology comes with new responsibilities.  Battery leakage due to an accident or other defect can negatively impact the environment.  So get the EV batteries checked regularly and be mindful of chemical risks when involved in an accident with an electric car or SUV.  Also, long range batteries and Electric vehicles like the New Nissan Ariya or Leaf will eventually need replacement batteries.  Be sure to use an Electric car maintenance and repair center that will responsibly recycle or dispose of old batteries.

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