Ask the Owner Videos

Below are videos that answer all the most common questions about car purchase process.  Brian Benoit one of the owners of Anchor will answer the questions about locating a car, checking out that car, financing the car, shipping the car, registering the car  and more.  If you have additional questions you can email or call Brian directly at  and 401-767-5000

Should I get a Vehicle History Report?  Yes Anchor Nissan will give you a complete vehicle history report on the car you want to purchase.
Should I have an independent technician look at the car I am buying for Anchor Nissan?   Yes Anchor Auto Group stands behind every vehicle we sell.
Does Anchor Nissan have good financing rates? Yes Anchor Nissan shops the financing around to 5 or 6 banks and credit unions to make sure you get the best rate. We sell more than 300 cars per month and most of these are financed so the banks are motivated to get us the best rates because of the volume of business we bring to them. 
Should I get an extended warranty? Anchor Nissan has plans that can cover your car from bumper to bumper for 4, 5 or 6 year.
Can you locate the car I am looking for?  Yes we have buyers that can find the exact Nissan car, Nissan Truck, Nissan Van, Nissan Sports Car or any other used vehicle you are looking for.

Can Anchor Nissan Register my new or used car for me? Yes Anchor can actually register the car at our dealership or send one of our employees to go to the registry for you.

Can a car I purchase from Anchor Nissan or Anchor Subaru be shipped? Yes we ship vehicles to Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and all across the country.

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