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Why you Should get your Oil Changed at Anchor Nissan

Finding your dream car in your price range is the hard part. Now you have to work on maintaining it. One of the most common reasons North Smithfield, Providence, Johnston, and Cranston, RI drivers come to our service department is because they need an oil change.

Why Does your Car Need an Oil Change?

When a mechanic changes your car's oil, the old oil is removed from your vehicle's engine and replaced with new oil. The filter is usually replaced at this time as well. Oil plays a big part in your car's health and durability because engines have a lot of moving parts. When these gadgets rub against each other, the friction creates heat, and oil lubricates the engine and absorbs heat, helping the parts work together without overheating.

Attleboro, MA drivers may notice their car does not run as efficiently as it should when they need an oil change. This is because, over time, the oil breaks down and becomes less efficient at greasing the moving parts and absorbing heat.

The Benefits of Getting an Oil Change at the Dealer

One of the main advantages of getting your oil changed at Anchor Nissan is because we know Nissan's better than anyone. That means we know your car's tricks and your vehicle inside and out.

We frequently offer service specials, so make sure you keep an eye out for future deals! Schedule service with our experienced mechanics at your convenience and we'll have your car running like new in no time.

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